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Truck Builds, Truck Repairs & Truck Refurbishments

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Truck Builds

SSH build a number of different branded trucks and trailers. Any type of truck bodies that our customers need we will build to spec! We offer a range of services as well. Anything from refurbishments and repairs to fitment of extras. We also do body swaps and chassis extensions. All work carried out is fully approved by the OE’S and in compliance with legal road spec. We are NRCS approved.



We do repairs on all types of truck bodies and trailers as well as repairs to all insulated bodies and trailers. SSH can service all types of branded trucks such as mercedes benz, UD, Isuzu, Fuzo and MAN. The truck builds and repair industry can do repairs to truck bodies, engine repairs and truck chassis. Due to the heavy use of these trucks the truck builds need regular maintenance checks to make sure they are in full working condition. The staff at ssh bodies are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced to work on and repair any truck or trailer with the highest quality and solve any problems you may have.

truck repairs
truck refurbishments


At SSH bodies we offer a range of services one of which is vehicle body refurbishments. We do resprays to all trucks and trailers, body swaps and chassis extensions. Our staff at ssh bodies are highly trained to perform the necessary work on any truck or trailer. All work carried out is approved by the OE’s and dealers. 

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